About Eliza Jane

1.  I love to be outside.

2.  I love bugs.  I like them to crawl on my hands and arms and get mad when my Mom won't let them watch a movie with me.  She also has rules about bugs on the kitchen table.

3.  I really like worms too.   Whenever we work in the garden I gather handfuls.

4.  I talk a lot, and ask a lot of questions.

5.  I love ice cream, especially vanilla.  Once I asked for "naked" ice cream.  Mom laughed and asked me to explain.  I said, "You know, naked, without any chocolate."  Mom told me it was better to just ask for "plain vanilla."

6.  One of my favorite foods is curry and rice.  I like things a little spicy.

7.  I spent hours on a balance bike, and now I can ride a 2 wheeler without any problems.

8.  Dad and Mom were talking to me about adopting a baby and I said, "How about we just get a dog?"

9.  I really AM excited to be a big sister, but I'd like a dog too.

10.  I have loved animals since I was a little baby, they don't scare me at all.

11.  We have passes to the zoo and go once a week all summer long.  I never get tired of it.

12.  I love to bake with my Mom, and can tell you all the ingredients we need for chocolate chip cookies.  Sometimes Mom forgets something, but I remind her.

I'm a great help in the kitchen.

13.  I really like fruit snacks.  Mom doesn't buy them very often, but when I'm at Nana's I can have all I want!

14.  I love to lay down in the bathtub.  The water is nice and warm.

15.  Did you notice my pretty blue eyes?  I got them from my birth mother!

16.  My favorite night of the week is Tuesday.  Mom goes to Young Women's at the church and Dad and I get to stay home and do whatever we want.  I usually have a plan and make sure we get all of our activities done.  Some of my favorites are dancing, going to the library, going on a bike ride, throwing rocks in the canal, playing hike and seek, or swinging at the park.  In the winter we even got to go snowshoeing.  Dad got me my very own little kids snow shoes.

Sometimes I get to come with Mom.  One of my favorite activities was Mud Football.  I love to get dirty! I think mud makes my blue eyes sparkle!

17.  I'll do just about anything for a PEZ dispenser, with candy of course!  However, I won't eat the candy if it isn't in a dispenser.  I have quite a collection!

18.  I really enjoy plays and musicals.  Recently I went with Dad, Mom, Grandpa, and Nana to see Broadway's Lion King.  I loved it!  I keep asking Mom when we get to go again.

19.  This year I started a dance class.  I love it!  I am learning all sorts of fun things.  I like to turn on the music when we get home and "practice" in the living room.

20.  I love school!  I'm in first grade this year and have the greatest teacher in the world.  I am becoming a great reader and am always excited about the fun things we are doing in our classroom.  This is a picture of my teacher and I this year at Halloween.