About Jarom

I was raised on a farm, the fourth of six children – the two girls are the oldest and youngest, with us four boys in between. We had rules, chores to do, and were expected to have good manners, but I don’t think anyone would call my parents really strict. We just knew that they loved us and expected the best of us. Watching my mother and the sacrifices she made for our family has helped me develop a deep, life-long respect for women.

There was always music in our home, and it was good music. All of us children can sing, and play the piano or some other musical instrument. I ended up playing the tuba, and actually played all the way through college in all sorts of bands, from symphonic band to marching band to pep band.

Growing up on the farm I learned how to work hard to help provide for our family. During college I spent several summers as a river guide for a whitewater rafting company, and learned to love hard work of a different sort, helping others enjoy the outdoors and the river while providing for their needs and safety. I still do my best to get out on the river every summer. I also enjoy cycling; both road and mountain – and love playing volleyball. But I love being a father the most, and often find myself choosing to stay home or spend time with my family over my other interests.

Every summer I ride several Century Rides - 100 miles on a bicycle.

Idaho winters usually have plenty of snow - perfect for a backyard snowman.

I loved my summers on the river! I had opportunities to take parts of my family and Candise's family on river trips.  I look forward to taking Eliza Jane when she is a little older.