Our Extended Families

 Jarom's Family

Jarom has three brothers and two sisters.  They were all together celebrating his oldest sisters wedding.
His parents are great examples of faith, hard work, and righteous living.

Jarom and his brothers share of love of cycling.  When the family gets together the boys will do their best to find some time to enjoy a ride together.

There are a handful of lively cousins!  This photo is Grandma and Grandpa with the grand kids.  Can you spot Eliza Jane?  We camped in our yard, visited a local dairy, ran through the sprinkler and enjoyed plenty of laughs.

A few years later and the cousins are growing up.  This reunion was spent at the City of Rocks in Idaho.  There were plenty of rocks to scale, lots of tasty dutch oven food, and crafts provided by Grandma.  Grandpa treated us to songs with his ukelele around the campfire.

Candise's Family

Candise parents are wonderful people who love their family, love a good time, and have a very happy home.

Candise has three brother and two sisters. All but one was in town to celebrate her Dad receiving his Silver Beaver award.  He is a fabulous scouter!

 Candise's youngest brother was recently married  - a day full of celebrations.

Candise and her sisters live in different states, but try to get together a couple times a year for a girls weekend!  There are plenty of late nights, lots of laughter, and of course good food!

There are lots of cousins on Candise's side of the family as well.  Visits often require long car rides or airplanes, but the time spent together is fabulous!