Dear Friend,

We begin this letter with much on our minds and in our hearts. We have a great love for adoption and have been greatly blessed once by a courageous birth mother who desired a stable, loving, home for her daughter.
We don’t know who you are, or anything about your circumstances; and you don’t know much more about us! However, we do know that you are considering placing your child with an adoptive family, and that gives us great respect for you. To consider placing your child – a part of you – to be raised by someone else because you want your child to have the best opportunity possible shows what great love you are capable of, and we admire you for that.
Since you are reading this letter, something has prompted you to take a closer look at our family. So in that light, we hope that by reading this, you can get a better idea of who we really are, and the love that we have for one another.

 About Us - By Jarom

While I was attending college I dated a few girls and got serious with a couple of them. I first met Candise after she moved into the same apartment as a good friend – I was doing the dishes at a birthday party for one of their roommates. It wasn’t love at first sight (in fact I had a serious girlfriend at the time), but we did have a class together, and studied together, and became very good friends. 

Things didn’t work out with the old girlfriend, but it was actually several months until Candise and I dated. I have been accused of being a slow mover, and with Candise I am guilty. Even after we started dating, love was something that our friendship grew into gradually. 

After we had been dating for several months, Candise’s birthday was approaching and there were a few people that wanted me to pop the question on her birthday. We both love the outdoors and camping (my job at the time kept me camping for four days every week), and because she didn’t have a sleeping bag, I gave her one for her birthday. The next time we were visiting Candise’s family, her fiery red-haired grandma pulled me aside and said, “That’s a nice present, but it won’t fit on her finger!” 

 I am a slow mover, and wanted to be good and sure before we got engaged. Now that love has grown into the strongest bond in my life, and I love her more each day.

About Family
Our number one priority is family. As a couple we strengthen one another, and where one is weak the other is strong. We understand how important communication and working together are to build a successful relationship. We share a strong faith and enjoy serving others. We love to be together doing just about anything (except Candise doesn’t love to play volleyball with the big boys, and Jarom doesn’t love to work in the garden!) We love to go on walks together, or take a drive to enjoy the scenery and talk. We enjoy participating in many outdoor activities when we have time. We enjoy camping, hiking, rafting, bicycling, and snow shoeing. We love many activities, but playing is not our first priority in life!
When we became parents our entire focus shifted to our beautiful new daughter. We held her and loved her and adored her every move! Evenings and weekends were spent curled up as a family enjoying one another. Eliza Jane has brought us a joy that is immeasurable. Now a five year old, she keeps us running, thinking, and laughing! She loves to play outside, read books, rough-house with Dad, and eat ice cream!

Please know that we pray for you daily. We pray for peace and comfort to bless you as you make decisions that will affect the future of you and your child. You are a hero in our eyes and we wish you all the best!
Much Love,
Jarom & Candise